Integrate Payments on your Website with 1shoppingcart

1Shopping Cart Software
1ShoppingCart is a complete online shopping cart software solution designed to help you start selling and keep growing your business. 1 shopping cart has the ability to calculate shipping a product to a destination right through the checkout experience. You will be able to create products manage your inventory and view your orders from your portal. It also has online management features including coupon codes, percentage discount codes, calculate taxes, recurring billing software, customer database management, as well as robust sales reports and analytics. The 1ShoppingCart software also has the ability to create an internal affiliate program for your business. incorporates all of the tools that you need to sell online in a single, easy to use web based eCommerce solution.
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Create Coupon Codes
Coupon Code Software
Calculate Shipping Items
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View Sales Reports
Shopping Cart Sales Reports
Create Product Inventory
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Payment Processing Integrations

Payment Gateway Integration Directions
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Setup your merchant account with Integrate Payments First.
Go to Setup -> Gateway Setup -> Click Edit
1Shopping Cart Payment Integration
Select NMI Gateway Services from the Select Payment Processor dropdown list of compatible gateways.
Integrate 1Shopping Cart Payments
2a. Unique Gateway ID - is the gateway username
2b. NetworkMerchantPassword - is the gateway password
2c. Secondary Account Processor ID: this is for recurring billing. Leave blank OR put the gateway processor id in this field.

Note: only stores credit card numbers for recurring for 1 month.
Integrate Payments does not collect fees associated with any 3rd party software provider
Every merchant account will have to stay compliant by completing a SAQ Self Assessment Questionnaire every year or they will be charged a monthly PCI non compliance fee. PCI monthly & annual fees may still apply to a merchant account based on PCI Tier level of business.