Wireless Payment Processing Machine

Handheld Portable EMV NFC Terminal

Wireless Payment Terminal

Verifone Vx680 Mobile Credit Card Equipment

The Verifone Vx680 mobile credit card terminal swiper is a great portable handheld point of sale equipment system to accept payments anywhere in the USA. The Verifone POS device reader is able to accept EMV chip cards as well as smart phone NFC technology payments such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Receive a Verifone Vx680 GPRS wireless credit card processing machine for your business when you setup a merchant account with our company.
Wireless Credit Card Machine
Verifone Vx680 Wireless Terminal
Wireless Credit Card Processing
Mag Stripe
Mobile EMV Payment Equipment
EMV Enabled
Portable NFC Payment System
NFC Technology

Free Wireless Credit Card Machine with Merchant Account Services

A business looking to accept credit card payments anywhere they go in the USA can use our handheld wireless Verifone Vx680 GPRS portable payment processing system. A merchant services account will have to be approved for the mobile credit card EMV NFC equipment program.

Wireless Payment System Cost

Wireless Merchant Account Services
Flat Rate Pricing
All Card Types
2 . 2 5 %
Per Transaction
. 3 0 Cents
Monthly Platform Fee
$ 2 9 . 9 5
All Card Types
2 . 2 5 %
Per Transaction
. 3 0 Cents
Monthly Platform Fee
$ 2 9 . 9 5

Next Day Funding

Next Day Funding
24 Hour Settlement Monday - Thursday Sales

Friday - Sunday Sales Deposited Monday

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Merchant Account Services
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Merchant Services AccountNorth American Bancard
Integrate Payments Inc. will pass through any rates directly associated with a processor or the card networks including dues and assessments, network access brand usage, interchange, debit network acquirer, PCI compliance, FANF, batch settlement, as well as any regulatory costs, chargebacks and retrieval fees when applicable.

A merchant account will have to stay compliant by completing a SAQ Self Assessment Questionnaire every year or they will be charged a monthly PCI non compliance fee.