Retail Payment Processing Machine Integration

EMV Payment Integration API

Payment Terminal SDK for Point of Sale Software Developers

The EMV chip card SDK solution is a software development kit that abstracts the complexities of interfacing software directly with retail or restaurant credit card processing machine systems. Software developers can integrate payments with our Ingenico POS terminals by programming an API through our secure payment gateway integration. This will enable our Ingenico semi integrated point of sale equipment to securely accept payments through a custom business software application while leveraging EMV chip cards and NFC smart phone payment technology.

The developer documentation is certified for all payment devices in the Ingenico Telium 2 family. These software based semi integrated EMV payment terminal NFC technology solutions will need to have the correct RBA firmware and our provided configuration file installed as well as the proper encryption keys. This information is available for software engineers through our developer portal while programming the payment integration.

EMV Payment Equipment NFC Technology Hardware

Ingenico iPP320 EMV Machine
iCT 220 iCT 250 iPP 320
Ingenico iCMP Payment Terminal
Ingenico iCMP
Ingenico iSC Touch 250 Equipment
Ingenico iSC Touch 250
Ingenico iSC Touch 480 System
Ingenico iSC Touch 480
EMV Payment Terminal SDK
NFC Payment Technology

EMV Chip Card NFC Credit Card Processing API

Semi Integrated Ingenico Payment System SDK

Semi Integrated EMV Terminals

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Integrate Payments Inc. will pass through any rates directly associated with a processor or the card networks including dues and assessments, network access brand usage, interchange, debit network acquirer, PCI compliance, FANF, batch settlement, as well as any regulatory costs, chargebacks and retrieval fees.