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iOS developers can easily integrate the Touch ID biometric fingerprint payment application to accept Apple Pay transactions through an iPhone or iPad app. Utilize Integrate Payments direct post API documentation with the Apple developer portal for a secure integration of the Touch ID thumbprint scanner. Apple developers can now use Apple Pay in the application development process for clients to accept payments within an app for an iPad or iPhone.
iOS DevelopersGet Merchant ID

Apple Pay Merchant ID

Step 1 : Go to Apple's Developer Portal and log in to the Member Center to create a new Merchant ID
Step 2 : Navigate to the Certificates, Identifiers, and Profiles area of the Member Center, and then begin the Register Merchant ID process.
Step 3 : Plug in the Merchant ID from Apple's Developer Portal into the Integrate Payments portal.

Certificate Signing Request

Step 1 : In Apple's Developer Portal, click on the Merchant ID and then click "Edit".
Step 2 : Click "Create Certificate"
Step 3 : You will obtain a CSR file from a Payment Provider so you will not have to create one. Click "Continue" to proceed to the upload page.
Step 4 : Click "Choose File..." and select the Gateway.certSigningRequest file you downloaded from the Integrate Payments portal.

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Every merchant account will have to stay compliant by completing a SAQ Self Assessment Questionnaire every year or they will be charged a monthly PCI non compliance fee. PCI monthly & annual fees may still apply to a merchant account based on PCI Tier level of business.