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Integrate Payments offers secure payment integration that is easy to understand and implement into any Tablet point of sale system. Our secure payment gateway can enable a business owner the ability to accept all major credit card payments through their iPad or Android tablet. We are partnered with tablet software companies and 3rd party payment gateways that will allow for a seamless payment gateway integration for your business.
Pay Anywhere SoftwarePayAnywhere Tablet POS
Pay Anywhere is a free Wifi connected tablet point of sale system that a business can get when they setup a merchant account with our company. The PayAnywhere software is extremely versatile and allows a retail store owner credit card processing mobility as well as the ability to accept EMV chip cards. The software features extensive reporting and inventory management control and can attach to a cash drawer, printer and barcode scanner.

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 Tablet mPOS Point of Sale Software Payment Integration
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Integrate Payments Inc. will pass through any rates directly associated with a processor or the card networks including dues and assessments, network access brand usage, interchange, debit network acquirer, PCI compliance, FANF, batch settlement, as well as any regulatory costs, chargebacks and retrieval fees.