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QuickClick shopping cart HTML code button generator is a great option for Ecommerce merchants who do not have an IT team or web developer on staff. A payment button generator is included, which allows merchants to create website links to products and services for their online business without any previous development experience.

Shopping Cart Button : This will connect products built with the payment button generator so that customers can add several products to the shopping cart system. This payment gateway feature also supports recurring billing.

Fixed Price Button : It does not connect to the shopping cart system and will only process one item at a time at a fixed amount.

Payment Donation Button : Allows the customer to enter any amount that they want to donate to a charity or charitable organization. The donation button will then securely process the payment online or through a website.
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Adding Payment Buttons to a Website


QuickClick buttons can be added to your website using an HTML form. This form can be created using our Button Generator or using the values found in the 'Variables' section.
The form should use the "POST" method and the action should be

Link Alternative

Some websites do not allow for entry of HTML, and can sometimes act finicky. If this is the case with your website, you have the option of using the Link Alternative which can be pasted on your website as a link. The only way to create this link is by using the Button Generator.

Please note that use of this link will nullify any shopping cart product options or text input (amount) fields as these options appear alongside the HTML button.

IFrame Support

Please note that QuickClick is NOT supported via iframes as there are documented browser bugs (notably in Safari) that do not allow the user to view QuickClick due to Safari's documented blocking of third party cookies.

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