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The Payment API is the simplest integration method for retail software payment applications and websites.
Payment Gateway API
1. customer sends their payment information to the merchant's web site.

2. merchant software or web site posts the payment data to the payment gateway.

3. payment gateway responds immediately with the results of the transactions.

4. merchant web site or software displays the appropriate message to the customer.
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The communication method used to send messages to the payment gateway server is the standard HTTP protocol over an SSL connection.

In the Payment API method, the communications with the cardholder (Steps 1 and 4) are developed completely by the merchant and therefore are not defined by the payment gateway. Step 1 should simply collect the payment data from the cardholder and Step 4 should display the appropriate transaction receipt or declined message.

In Step 2, transaction details should be delivered to the payment gateway using the POST method with the appropriate variables defined below posted along with the request.

In Step 3, the transaction responses are returned in the body of the HTTP response in a query string name / value format delimited by ampersands.
For example: variable1=value1&variable2=value2&variable3=value3
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Payment Gateway Integration

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Every merchant account will have to stay compliant by completing a SAQ Self Assessment Questionnaire every year or they will be charged a monthly PCI non compliance fee. PCI monthly & annual fees may still apply to a merchant account based on PCI Tier level of business.
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