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Customer Vault
PCI Certified Storage of Customer Payment Information
The customer vault allows merchants to securely store payment information in a PCI compliant environment to use for future payments. A business can save multiple payment methods with a single customer vault ID for retail or online website transactions. Credit card and electronic check payments can both be saved using the same customer record. The customer vault processes payments through a secure payment gateway and abides by all PCI compliance security council guidelines.

Merchants who utilize the customer vault solution can process transactions and maintain an up to date customer database without storing any customer payment details. All sensitive credit card data is processed through encrypted payment gateway channels and authorizations, captures, refunds and settlements are managed remotely without storing any cardholder data locally. This gives a business unparalleled application flexibility management while shifting its liability of PCI compliance.
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Add customers credit card information to our secure customer vault.
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Find customers at a glance using our secure customer vault database.
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Retrieve encrypted customer credit card data in storage and process payments.
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Customer Vault Storage Pricing

Velocity Payment Processing
Credit Card Processing Rates
Qualified Cards
1 . 9 0 %
* Non Qualified Cards
2 . 9 0 %
Transaction Fee
. 3 0 cents per
Monthly Cost
$ 5
* Non Qualified card types consist of certain reward cards, international world cards, business corporate cards

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Next Day Funding
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Friday - Sunday Sales Deposited Monday

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Integrate Payments Inc. will pass through any rates directly associated with a processor or the card networks including dues and assessments, network access brand usage, interchange, debit network acquirer, PCI compliance, FANF, batch settlement, as well as any regulatory costs, chargebacks and retrieval fees.
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