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Overview of Virtual Credit Card Terminal

Sale - A sale is a transaction that is authorized and captured for settlement. After a sale is processed, the transaction is automatically flagged to be settled. A sale can be voided prior to settlement and must be refunded to reverse the transaction if the transaction has been settled.

Authorize - Authorize is used to check of there is sufficient funds in the Credit Card inventory. When a transaction is authorized, it indicates that the Credit Card has adequate funds in the stock.

Capture - Capture is used when a transaction has been authorized and ready to be settled.

Void - A void can be performed on a transaction prior to settlement. To void a transaction, simply enter the Transaction ID in the void area under the Virtual Terminal section.

Refund - To refund a transaction, simply enter the Transaction ID and the amount you wish to refund.Merchant can choose to make a full refund or a partial refund.

Reports - Search for specific transactions by any of the default or merchant defined fields. Sort data by credit card type in your batch settlement report. Search for a transaction ID and while viewing the transaction details, the user can email or print a receipt, void a non-settled transaction and authorize a new charge.

Virtual Terminal Sale

Enter credit card number, billing information, order details, and card billing address (AVS).
Virtual Credit Card TerminalVirtual Credit Card Terminal

Virtual Terminal Void

Simply enter the Transaction ID of the original transaction you wish to void.
Virtual Payment GatewayVirtual Payment Processing

Virtual Terminal Refund

Enter the Transaction ID and the Amount of the original transaction you wish to refund.
Virtual TerminalAccept Credit Cards Online

Virtual Terminal Reports

Extensive transaction reporting and batch settlement search and mining capabilities.
Virtual Terminal Reporting System
Velocity Payment Processing
Accept Visa Mastercard American Express Discover
Credit Card Processing Rates
All Card Types
2 . 7 5 %
Per Transaction
. 3 0 Cents
Monthly Platform Fee
$ 1 4 . 9 5
All Card Types
2 . 7 5 %
Per Transaction
. 3 0 Cents
Monthly Platform Fee
$ 1 4 . 9 5

Next Day Funding

Next Day Funding
24 Hour Settlement Monday - Thursday Sales

Friday - Sunday Sales Deposited Monday

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Virtual Payment Terminal Features Include
Invoice Payment Software
Customer Vault
Customer Vault

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