Point of Sale System Reseller Program

Payment Processing ISO Program
Merchant Services ISO Program
Become a point of sale system reseller and earn upfront bonus money as well as residual income from credit card processing sales. Join our lucrative merchant account services agent ISO partner program and gain access to direct relationships with POS software providers.
Integrate Payment Processing With POS Software Affiliates
Micros POS SoftwareMicros Point of Sale System
NCR Retail POS SoftwareNCR Point of Sale System
Retail Cloud POSRetail Cloud Software
Revel POS SoftwareRevel Point of Sale System
Hot Sauce POS SoftwareHot Sauce Restaurant POS
Aldelo Restaurant SoftwareAldelo Restaurant POS
AST POS SoftwareASTPOS Point of Sale
RedFox POS SoftwareRed Fox Restaurant POS
MYNT POS SoftwareMYNT Point of Sale
SalesVu POS SoftwareSalesVu Point of Sale

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Point of Sale System Reseller

Merchant Account Services MSP ISO Agent Program

Profit Share : 5 0 %

Integrate Payments Partner Program

Processor Costs

Visa Mastercard Discover
Interchange, Dues & Assessments
Pass Through
Visa Mastercard Discover
BIN Sponsorship
0.00 % basis points
American Express BIN Sponsorship
0.10 % basis points

Authorization Fees

Visa Mastercard Amex Discover
PIN Debit
Plus Debit Network Acquirer Fees
Batch Settlement
Voice Authorization

Monthly Fees

Processor Platform Fee
Agent will receive a 50 % residual commission profit share each month of any amount they charge a client above the processor costs listed on this web page.

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A processor may charge a client other merchant services account fees that do not qualify for the revenue sharing program offered by Integrate Payments.