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Credit Card Cash Discount
Merchant Cash Discount Program

Merchant Services Cash Discount Program

The cash discount program allows a business owner the ability to charge customers either a set amount between $.01 - $1.00 per transaction or a percentage based on the volume of the sale anywhere from 1% - 4% on a credit card transaction. These savings on payment processing can offset the cost of accepting credit cards at your retail storefront or restaurant business. Setup a merchant account with our company using cash discount and get a free Verifone Vx520 EMV enabled NFC technology payment terminal or PayAnywhere tablet point of sale software equipment system.

PayAnywhere Point of Sale System

Point of Sale System

Verifone Vx520 Credit Card Machine

Verifone Vx520 Payment Terminal
EMV Credit Card Machine
EMV Enabled
NFC Payment Terminals
NFC Technology

Free PayAnywhere Tablet or Verifone Vx520 with Merchant Account

Debit Card

0 . 4 9 %
0 . 2 5 cents per
Credit Card

1 . 4 9 %
0 . 1 3 cents per
* Non Qualified Cards

2 . 4 9 %
Monthly Minimum

$ 2 5
Monthly Service Fee

$ 5
* Non Qualified card types consist of certain reward cards, international world cards, business corporate cards and key entry transactions

Next Day Funding

Next Day Funding
24 Hour Settlement Monday - Thursday Sales

Friday - Sunday Sales Deposited Monday

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